You can be a member of MECU.

Great rates on deposit accounts. Low-cost loans. Free financial education. Discounts on insurance and other services. MECU members sure do enjoy some pretty sweet perks. How do you get a cut of the pie? Just open an account and you'll gain access to all the great services we have to offer.

Who can join? Hint: our community is wide open.

To put it simply, if you live or work in the Baltimore area, you’re pretty much in. We even have options for those who might not fit the geographical criteria. Have a family member who's a member? You're also in.

Geographic Eligibility 

Baltimore City: Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school

Other Membership Options 

MECU at Work: We have relationships with more than 300 employers that provide access to MECU regardless of your location. Working for one of these select companies could be your way in.

Family Membership: If a family member or housemate belongs or is eligible to join, you can belong. An eligible family member is defined as a spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, grandchild, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, cousin or legal guardian and includes step, in-law and adoptive relationships.

American Consumer Council: You can also qualify for membership if you choose to support our partner charity, American Consumer Council (ACC), a leading nonprofit helping to educate consumers about financial literacy. When you select this option, MECU will make a one-time support payment to ACC on your behalf.

Our Community is Wide Open

How to Join

Joining is as easy as opening an account. That's all it takes to gain access to all the great products, services and benefits we offer. Check out our handy Switch Guide to help you through the process.