The MECU Story

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We invest in people like you. Always have. Always will.

We were born in this city and we have a deep affection for the community and its people. Our goal has always been to improve the lives of our members. No matter what your dreams are, we're with you every step of the way.

Our story is more about you than it is about us

The year was 1936. America was stuck in the Great Depression. Banks were closing everywhere. Loan sharks stepped into their place, charging exorbitant interest rates and taking advantage of people who were struggling. And so MECU was launched to make sure hard-working Baltimoreans got a fair deal.

MECU was originally known as the Municipal Employees Credit Union. We served Baltimore teachers and firefighters, secretaries and street repair crews. Down-to-earth men and women who had mortgages and rents to pay, families to feed and other obligations to meet. Many didn't take home a lot of money, so they wanted to do their banking at a place that that would help them make the most of every dollar.

Fast-forward nearly a century. In many ways, MECU has changed. Our membership is now open to all Baltimore area residents, and has grown to over 110,000 strong. We provide financial services to local businesses as well as individuals. And we've evolved our technology, offering members access to thousands of free ATMs nationwide and state-of-the-art online and mobile banking services.

In many ways, however, we're the same. We still look out for Baltimore, contributing grants and volunteers to many worthy causes. And we still look out for working people. Because we're a not-for-profit cooperative, we continue to offer better interest rates and lower fees than the big banks. Plus, we have proudly returned nearly $100 million in profits back to our members through our popular Bonus Rewards dividend.

But that's just the beginning. We also offer financial education to help you navigate a complex world. We offer encouragement, support and advice. Whether you're just starting out or well on your way, we're here to help you find the path that makes the most sense for you.

One final thing, about our name: Since our membership has grown beyond our city worker roots, we just go by MECU now, or MECU Credit Union. We often smile as people try to figure out what the letters stand for, and how to refer to us. Are we "M-E-C-U"? Or "Meh-Q"?

To set the record straight, it's pronounced "ME-Q." But no matter how you say it, it stands for putting our members first to help them achieve their financial goals and to live better lives.


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