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We may have a new style, but don’t worry

—when it comes to how we treat members like you, we’re still easy to recognize. MECU Credit Union is and always will be member-owned, community-focused, and committed to offering the products and services you need to thrive.

And now that we have a fresh look on the outside, we’re stepping up our efforts on the inside, too. That means focusing on what we do best: empowering members to improve their financial well-being and live better. 

Built on four pillars the new branding reflects the founding principles that set MECU Credit Union apart and lays a strong foundation for growth.

For All

No matter how small your need or how big your dream, we’re with you every step of the way.

For Real

Our members are family, and you’ll see it in the way we treat you.

For More

From great rates to fewer fees and profit givebacks, we invest in you.

For Good

We are committed to supporting our local communities to create a brighter future for all.

On behalf of everyone at MECU, thank you for your membership. Your financial future is bright, and we’re honored to be providing the experience that will get you there.

What Is the Meaning Behind the New Logo?

The graphic “m” in the logo represents MECU’s dual focus, i.e., our focus on the individual and our focus on serving our community.  When the two come together, they form an “m” shape and represents the two groups we are commited to serving. 
The new logo illustrates who we are and what we stand for.  The look is welcoming, friendly, and modern.  It represents an evolution in our history. Confirms our charge to grow and modernize, yet affirms our past and our mission to provide better banking to all.

Our Story

The year was 1936. America was stuck in the Great Depression. Banks were closing everywhere. Loan sharks stepped into their place. And, so MECU was launched to make sure hard-working municipal employees got a fair deal.  
Fast-forward nearly a century in many ways we’re still the same. We still look out for our community, contributing grants and volunteers to many worthy causes. And, we still look out for working people with better interest rates and lower fees than the big banks.
In many ways, however, in many ways MECU has changed.  Our membership is now open to all Baltimore metro area residents and grown to over 110,000 strong. And, we've evolved to offer start-of-the-art banking technology. 
The new brand represents a new chapter in our history—one we are excited to share it with you.

Rebranding FAQ

The new look reflects our renewed commitment to you and to our community. It re-affirms our mission to empower our members to improve their financial well-being and live better.

What’s not changing is our commitment to bring better banking to all.   The low rates and products you love will continue as they are today. And, how you work with us whether in-person at our branch, on the phone, or online is unchanged. 

What is changing is our look and services.  With the new brand, we’ll be expanding and modernizing our services to make your banking experiences even better!
First, you’ll find an updated website that not only easier to use (especially on mobile), makes finding information faster. You’ll also see the new brand reflected in our updated online banking portal and your web baking ap. 

Nothing. Your checks, cards, and loans will continue to work as they always have. Anything with the old logo and look will still work and you reach and interact with us is unchanged.

Yes.  Over the next weeks, we’ll be updating all our MECU branded materials with the new logo and look.  As part of this transition, we’ll be sending you new checks and cards that reflect the new brand.  These will be sent automatically for free. There is nothing you need to do or pay for. 

As we correspond with you, keep an eye out for the new MECU brand on emails you receive in your inbox and mail we send to your mailbox. has been redesigned to reflect the new MECU brand and provide you with a better web experience—especially on your cell phone and tablet.  With the redesign, we’ve made it easier to find the information you are looking for.  

The new site also launches Level Up a new, free Financial Education program to help you make informed financial decisions so you can make the most of your money. We encourage you to explore the Level Up learning portal today!

The new look will also be reflected in your online banking portal and mobile banking app, but your log-in and user experience is unchanged.

No. Our phone numbers, mailing addresses, and emails are unchanged.

Our head-quarters branch is still located on One South St. Baltimore, MD 2122. The main phone and call center phone number is still, 410-752-8313. The Telephone Teller is unchanged at, 410-727-6540, and our email address for general inquiries is still

If you have questions, please Contact Us.

The locations, services and hours of all our branches are unchanged, as is the access you have to the MECU network of over 30,000 ATMs.  All of your old logoed checks, cards and other materials will still work.

The rebranding DOES NOT change any legal contracts.  While the look of the logo is changing, the name is not.  Municipal Employee Credit Union and the abbreviation MECU are legal trade names.

 You can also Submit questions via our new web form below, or call 410-752-8313

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